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Personal Sound Therapy Sessions

Personally crafted soundscapes to support you.

Improving self-awareness, addressing emotional blockages, and promoting the body’s healing capabilities.

Personal sound therapy sessions are tailored uniquely to you. A session begins with a brief chat about how you are feeling and what you would like to focus on during the session. After this brief discussion, you are invited to find a comfortable position either laying down or seated, and when you are ready, a personalized soundscape will be played for you. At the end of the soundscape, Veronica will check-in with you to see how you feel and close the session with gentle breath work.

What's Included:

  • Each session tailored to a specific focus

  • Reserved time for check-in and session closing

  • Personal soundscape unique to each client

Investment:  $120 for 60 minutes or $140 for 90 minutes 

                             Packages: Three 60 minute sessions for $333

                                           or  Three 90 minute sessions for $393

How It Works:

  1.   Book a free 30 Minute Discovery Call

 2.   Fill out the Intake Form

 3.   Book a Time Slot

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's work together!

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